Sizing Chart

Suitables fit most average kids ages 2-7!

So how do you know if your child will fit?
Typically you can measure the width of your child's waist and hips and if they measure 10" or less, your child will fit very comfortably into most Suitables designs.

Suitables opening dimensions are at least 9.75" wide by 8" long (front-to-back). Most designs are 10" wide by 9" front-to-back. The typical maximum waist/hip size that will fit is 26-27".

How did Suitables determine the opening size?
Suitables conducted extensive research on average child sizes and weights throughout the US to determine the best opening size for our targeted 2-7 yr-old age group. The opening size standards had to be established first before beginning any design work. Once our opening sizing was established we began designing Suitables. While we have worked hard to accommodate most children with our design sizes we do realize that Suitables will not fit everyone in our target age range. In the future we may be looking into multiple size options and designs for various age ranges including adults.