Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child fit into Suitables?
Suitables will fit most 2-6+ year-olds. Typically if your child's waist measures 10" wide or less your child will fit very comfortably into Suitables. Some designs, such as the Rockets and Rapunzel Tower will fit larger kids (5-10 years-old).

How much do the costumes weigh?
Suitables are very light with designs weighing between 2-4lbs with electronics and batteries. The soft stretch straps also make them very comfortable to wear.

What is the opening size on Suitables? How do I know if they will fit my child?
Suitables opening dimensions are at least 9.75" wide by 8" front-to-back. Most designs are 10" wide by 9" front-to-back. The typical maximum waist/hip size that will fit is 26-27". You can measure the width of your child's waist and hips and if they measure 10" or less, your child will fit comfortably into most Suitables designs.

How long does it take to build a Suitables kit? How easy are they to build?
Suitables are actually quite fun and satisfying to build! Most Suitables kits can be built in 20-40 minutes. Most kits have between 10-15 pieces to assemble. Building Suitables is extremely easy, especially when following along using our instructional build videos. In the future, we will have advanced builder kits with more pieces and more complex geometry that will still be simple to build but will take more time. Advanced builder kits look absolutely stunning when completed. More to come soon! Building Suitables creates family togetherness for a fun-filled arts and crafts project! So, order some pizza, put on some music, and enjoy building your Suitables! Check out all of our easy-to-follow build instructions on the Suitables YouTube Channel.

Are Suitables products available on or in stores (Spirit Halloween, Party City, Target, Walmart, Costco, etc.)?
We are currently live on Amazon (FBM) and will be transitioning to Prime/FBA availability shorlty. We are also sold at and select Goodwill stores. We will continue to expand our routes to market so be on the lookout for Suitables in more places in the near future!

What are Suitables made out of? Cardboard (or "corrugated" if you're using industry lingo). Specifically, we use high grade 32-44ECT with kemi white on the print side and standard kraft brown on the non-print side. In the future we'll be manufacturing with #3 white on the non-print side. The 32-44ECT material, while very sturdy and light, it is still cardboard and prone to damage so take care not to bend or crease non-scored surfaces for the best looking appearance of a completed model. Suitables not only look good when completed but they are designed to be structurally sound and very sturdy.

Are Suitables water proof? What about Trick-Or-Treating in the rain?Suitables are made with water resistant coating on the print side. While they might withstand a light drizzle they may not hold up well long under heavy rain (they are still cardboard of course). If you expect to wear your Suitables in heavy rain we suggest wearing a clear poncho over it to protect it while letting it be seen.

Does Suitables take design requests? Will Suitables be releasing more designs? We'd certainly like to hear from you - your special requests or feedback on new designs will certainly influence our product design releases. We have a lot of designs on paper but certainly open to prioritizing our production queue based on popular feedback, suggestions and ideas. Other designs in the production and design queue are: space shuttle, police car, garbage truck, school bus, pirate ship, jet (F-14 Tomcat), tank, steam locomotive train, Nascar, Barbie Corvette (pink of course!), ballerina music box, UFO, rubiks cube, and many others. The most fun thing about working at Suitables is engineering new designs! We just can't get enough!

Suitables Ground Shipping is Free but why is shipping next day or overnight so expensive?
Freight is extremely expensive. Carriers have raised their rates globally by approximately 50% in 2018. Amazon took a $7B loss on shipping in FY17 in order to make it "free". In reality shipping is very expensive and Suitables actually takes a loss on shipping (meaning that it costs us more than we actually charge).

Does Suitables offer local pick up in the SF Bay Area?
YES. Local pick up locations include Menlo Park, Mountain View, and Sunnyvale. Please select one of these pick up locations from the shipping options at checkout and someone from Suitables will contact you via email to coordinate a pick up day/time that works for you. Be sure to use an active email account when completing check out.

How did Suitables determine the opening size?
Suitables conducted extensive research on average child sizes and weights throughout the US to determine the best opening size for our targeted 2-6 yr-old age group. The opening size standards had to be established first before beginning any design work. Once our opening sizing was established we began designing Suitables. While we have worked hard to accommodate most children with our design sizes we do realize that Suitables will not fit everyone in our target age range. In the future we may be looking into multiple size options.

Will Suitables ever fit kids between 6-12?
Yes, we intend on designing larger suitables for kids of various age ranges.

Will Suitables ever fit teens between 11-14?
Yes, we intend on designing larger suitables for teens.

Will Suitables ever make adult sized costumes?
Yes, we have a roadmap planned out for this with some very unique and cool designs.

What is a Suitables craft kit?
A craft kit is a lower cost version of our existing products without any printed graphics. It is the same piece-parts kit but in white cardboard only. With a craft kit, YOU get to draw or paint your own design and make it your own! We look forward to making craft kits available soon.

Are Suitables recyclable?
You bet they are!

Where are Suitables made?
Made in the USA (our factory is in New Mexico)

Suitables is awesome, are they hiring?
If you feel you have a unique skill that might contribute in a meaningful way, we'd love to hear from you so feel free to reach out! If you are an origami design expert, please contact